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Understanding the Beautiful Language of Flowers

Floral gifts often trigger feelings of elation and happy emotions in recipients. This is according to a study carried out by researchers at the University of Rutgers. Most of the participants in the aforementioned study smiled and expressed gratitude immediately after receiving flowers. Additionally, the participants felt more relaxed and experienced an increased sense of life satisfaction and enjoyment. Different flowers mean different things and therefore, if you are unsure about the right flowers to buy for someone, you should consult a top florist such as BajaFlowers one of the best florists in Cabo San Lucas and the surrounding areas. Besides helping people to choose the right types of flowers and floral gifts, Baja Flowers also offers the following floral services:

Wedding Floral Arrangements

Cabo San Lucas Floral ArrangementsA wedding is a very special event not only for the couple involved but also for their friends, relatives, and family members. What’s more, flowers play an important role in any wedding ceremony. As such, it is vital to have the right flowers as well as creative floral arrangements at a wedding. This includes flowers scattered on the carpet, walkway, or aisle bride and bridegroom will use on way to the altar or location where they will tie the knot. With that in mind, it would be wise to work with a florist who specializes in this area of floral services.

Birthday Blooms Delivered By Florists

Although birthdays come around every year, they have special meaning for most people. With this in mind, floral arrangements can help you get closer or remain in contact with a person celebrating his/her birthday. The aforementioned study by researchers at Rutgers University found that people were more likely to remain in contact with their family members, relatives, or friends who presented them with flowers. This does not mean that you should shun all other gifts in favor of a colorful bloom. Just make sure your birthday gift package includes blooming roses, azaleas, or daffodils bought from local florists.

Floral Arrangements in Offices

If you run a company/business, consider ordering floral arrangements to brighten up offices. Besides making offices appear welcoming, flowers boost employee productivity. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that the presence of plants and floral arrangements in workplaces improves creativity and task performance. This translates to higher revenues and profits. Given floral arrangements sourced from florists are cheap, buying some makes financial sense compared to expensive seminars or so-called “productivity aids” sold for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Floral Arrangements for a Sick Person

If you have a friend, work colleague, or relative in hospital, cheer them up with a bouquet of flowers. Another study carried out by researchers from the Kansas State University found that patients recuperating in hospital rooms with flowering plants after surgery reported low levels of anxiety, pain, and fatigue. Moreover, they had lower heart rates, low systolic blood pressure readings, requested fewer postoperative analgesics, and exhibited more positive outlook to life. Whichever way you look at it, floral arrangements are more effective during postoperative recuperation than medications. Furthermore, a patient who exhibits characteristics described above is likely to recover faster compared to another patient recuperating in a room that does not have flowers.

Anniversary Gifts Delivered By Florists

Baja Flowers offers a wide range of floral gifts and floral arrangements for different anniversary celebrations including wedding, business milestone, love/romance, or a specific national event such independence or liberation day. Additionally, you can order personalized flowers to mark such a milestone. This includes both rare common varieties of flowers.


Whether one is graduating from high school, college, or university, such an achievement calls for celebration. One of the gifts to pick from florists on your way to a graduation party is definitely a bunch of flowers. Custom floral arrangements will brighten up party atmosphere and can even serve as a background fixture for selfies or photographs. Some of the most popular flowers for this occasion include stemmed red roses, pearl roses, dendrobium orchids, colored tulips, stargazer lilies, and lavenders. At the same time, you can order flowers in vases or custom containers and have them delivered.

Flowers and Floral Arrangements at Five Star Resorts

flowers in BajaPeople who book suites or cottages at five star resorts expect top-notch services and serene environment where they can unwind and relax. This is where flowers and floral arrangements come in handy. The presence of flowers in a holiday resort can have a huge impact on its bottom line. To start with, floral arrangements that emit sweet scents strategically placed in rooms can make guests spend more. This has spawned a marketing niche based on scents to influence consumer’s spending behavior.

According to study carried out by the Smell & Taste Research Foundation, consumers in scented environments spend more on products or services. Another study carried out by a Washington State University researcher found that consumers in scented environments tend to overestimate prices of products without price tags. Instead of using artificially synthesized scents for this purpose, resorts should in or around Cabo San Lucas should order floral arrangements from Baja Flowers. The flowers will also make guests relax and feel welcome.

Thank You Flowers

If you would like to send a thank you note to someone, accompany it with a bouquet of Flowers in Bajaflowers available from local florists. Florists can also arrange to have your appreciation gift delivered to deserving recipient. Baja Flowers has made it their duty to offer this service to people living in Cabo San Lucas and the surrounding areas.


Flowers can make a huge positive impact in an office setting, relationship, in a hospital room, when celebrating an anniversary, or during a corporate gig. Furthermore, you can order floral arrangements from Baja Flowers in Cabo San Lucas and the surrounding area to improve the ambience and décor in your home. For customers with unique requests, Baja Flowers will listen and fulfill your floral arrangements. It is also worth noting that we provide a wide range of affordable floral arrangements. Most importantly, we only stock fresh blooms so you will know your order will be the best throughout Los Cabos.

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